This full motion mattress features a remarkable three-dimensional design to provide comfort and support. Uniquely designed corners for longer life.

100mm ( 4 inches) of ultra-soft polyester fibre forms an effective internal support and wave reduction system for firm yet healthy flotation.

150mm ( 6 inches) of ultra-soft polyester fibre is designed for increased wave reduction yet still retains the maximum flotation comfort.

The Castaway water mattress has been designed to provide an almost motion-free sleeping surface that moulds around your body providing a unique level of support. All the benefits of a waterbed plus more.The internal fibre stabiliser has a Cushion-Top made …

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The Casaway L (for lumbar Support) provides the ultimate motion-reduced sleeping surface. It contours around your body, eliminating pressure points yet offers added support in the lumbar region of your body. This maintains your body’s correct spinal posture as you …

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