Waterbed Services

Since 1974, Easysleep Waterbeds has been successfully assisting people in the Greater Melbourne area with the full range of after sales services.

Installations / Assemble & Fill.

We offer a complete delivery and Installation service on all new waterbeds.
We also offer a complete reassemble and fill service to customers who may have recently moved home.

Drain, Dismantle & Pack

An Easysleep Waterbeds technician will arrive at your home within the pre booked timeframe and pump out your waterbed.
Professional dismantling of the bed and packing the heater, mattress and liner into a sealed carton.


We provide a complete service that includes pumping out, dismantling, transporting, reassembling and refilling your bed. We are licensed and fully insured. Our technician can process Mastercard Visa and provide Eftpos transactions onsite at your home.


We will arrive at your home within the pre booked period and in most cases, we will complete the repair on the spot. We guarantee any repairs we do. Should a repair not be practical? A replacement part from our fully stocked vehicle at Melbourne’s most competitive price is always on hand.