Easysleep Waterbeds

The facts of waterbeds

Our range of waterbeds offer five important benefits:

  • Total body and back support
  • Minimal surface pressure
  • A genuinely hygienic sleeping surface
  • A controllable sleeping temperature
  • Remarkable durability

These features are essential for a superior sleeping environment. Waterbeds provide one of the most hygienic sleeping surfaces avaliable. Waterbeds are highly recommended for asthma and allergy suffers as they cannot absorb dust or bacteria. Furthermore waterbed covers are removable and can be professionally cleaned, ensuring the cleanest and most hygienic sleeping surface.

Conventional Bed
The why of backaches.
Sleeping on a conventional mattress forces an exaggerated curve into the small of the back because your legs must be supported on the bed’s level surface. This forced curve is not benefitting from direct support by the mattress, yet it must support the heavier part of your body. This creates stress within the verterbrae and muscles of the back and the familiar complaint of lower back problems. A too soft mattress combines this stress with its own as it allows the back to sway, as in a worn out mattress.

The ‘Pillow Correction Method’.
The often prescribed “pillow under the knees” adjustment as illustrated us really only a temporary and awkward measure. When the mattress under the small of the back sways from wear, the back vertebrae deform into an improperly postured and unhealthy reversal of the natural curvature of the spine.
How ‘The new way’ Works.
Waterbed flotation works utilizing the principles of hydraulic pressure within the bed to exert firm, yet comfortable support against the upper vinyl surface. In heavier portions of the body such as the upper torso, the pressure against the skin remains almost completely uniform because there is more skin surface area to support.

Waterbed Gallery





  1. Zip-off 100%pure wool cover for easy cleaning.
  2. Richly quilted Damask sides.
  3. Woven fabric sleeves bonded to foam wedge.
  4. High density foam wedge.
  5. Nylon/Vinyl reinforced base sheet.
  6. Reinforced sheet sewn to fabric sleeves.
  7. Heavy duty special formulated PVC Flotation mattress.